Get skybox sun

Hello. I trying to make a day/night cycle with standard skybox in Unity 5. And now I have a problem with sun in this skybox. I want attach a sunshafts to this sun. How I can get a skybox sun coordinates (position)?
Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help. =3

The sun doesn’t have a position, for the purposes of a skybox it’s considered infinitely far away. It is possible to get the direction from any point towards the sun, however; it’s just the negative forward vector of the main directional light in the scene (the one that controls the sun’s direction).

It’s also possible to approximate the sun’s position by just creating an object really far away in that same direction. For example, if the directional light were at (0,0,0), there could be a child called ApproximateSunPos with local coordinates 0,0,-10000. As the directional light rotates with the day/night cycle, the global position of ApproximateSunPos would change with it.