Get slerp to work just as LookAt(,Vector3.right) does

Ive got my sidescroller shooter character to turn with these :




so it wont aim in to any other axis…
But when the mouse gets to cross the middle of the character and not around it it gets the rotation to make a small transportation between frames and it wont get all the way to there… It’ll just teleport to its correct rotation like lookat should.

Well the question is, how do I get any quaternion slerp which works with a Time.deltTime to work as same as LookAt(,Vector3.right)? I must have the Vector3.right and left so it’ll move trough 1 axis.

Many thanks to anyone who helps me out. :slight_smile:

I have used a vector2 and made it to switch directions when the mouse crosses the middle. :slight_smile: