Get spammed by this error every time I want to build, why

Running it on Windows. Wanting to build it getting this error spammed all over the error bar, why?

MissingMethodException: Cannot find the requested method.
UnityEditor.AppStatusBar.OnGUI () (at C:/BuildAgent/work/300357e52574df36/Editor/Mono/GUI/AppStatusBar.cs:117)

Thank you

My guess is that you have found an error in Editor.


  • UnityEditor is the namespace for Editor
  • AppStatusBar is a name for a class that isn’t public available and a statusbar usually is the status line of an application (here the UnityEditor).
  • OnGUI means that instances of the class will be called for each gui event

Basically code at line 117 is missing a guard, so it won’t spam your log for each gui event.

What to do?

  1. File a bug for sure!

  2. Something is causing the spam, maybe you can do something to avoid it:

  • Try re-install the editor
  • Try modify your content e.g. start with a new project and import stuff into in bits and see when/if it starts again