get test = 1 from string "test = 1" ?

so i’m making a console in my game and want to get the string that the player has typed in and execute it, for instance if the player typed in healthcontroll.PlayerHealth = 100; then it would set healthcontroll.PlayerHealth to 100.
I’m trying to do this in C#

So you either have to parse what the user types into commands that you could then use @erick_weil’s methods of getting and setting properties based on what you’d worked out the user wanted to do (or more probably using Reflection).

You could also consider this Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making which is a Javascript compiler integration and it’s free.

If all of these terms (codedom, interpreter, reflection) seem hard to you - then you are in for a lot of reading, this is all advanced stuff and if it’s beyond your current learning level, it might be better to tackle a more straightforward thing first.

@Anxo - these methods would all work on IOS