get the average position of objects in array?

I have 4 objects in array, objects vectors:

1, 1, 1,

1, 2, 1,

1, 3, 1,

2, 4, 1,

How can I retrieve 1.25, 2,50, 1? all vectors from the arrays objects and use that to get a new vector3?

Access all x values, add them and take average, repeat this for all y and z.

logic c#:
Go through this link for logic of multidimensional array
[1]: Multidimensional Arrays - C# Programming Guide | Microsoft Learn

So you get 1.25,2.50 and 1.
now make a new vector3 as Vector3 v3=new Vector3(1.25,2.50,1);

And if you want magnitude as one , just normalize it.