Get the current time that cannot be modifiable from the system settings

I’m looking to add functionality to my game that gives the user a chance to play a new level every day. Each day of the year I’m going to unlock a new level for the user to play. Is there a way to get the current time that the user cannot touch? (ie. Going into Windows’ date time settings and changing the day). I don’t want them to be able to skip ahead if that’s possible.

I was thinking of grabbing the information from a website somewhere (Google?) to ensure it’s out of the hands of the user.

Is this possible? Or am I going to have to trust the user?

The WWW class will allow you to download the text of any web page (i.e. what you see if you do View Source in your browser). You could download a webpage like or and parse out the date. But if the owners of these sites decide to change their web page, your app might break. If you have your own website, it is easy to write a PHP script that will output the date in very simple format that would be easy for you parse in your app and would be guarenteed to not change. A single line in a .php file should do it:

<?php echo date("Ymd") ?>

But you are requiring a web connection for the user to use your app.