Get the hit collider with OnParticleCollision().

I have an GameObject that has a Ridgidbody and a Collider. That object has a child that only has a Collider. I want to be able to get the child object on a particle collision, but the OnParticleCollision doens’t provide the hit collider, and since only my parent object has a ridgidbody it returns the parent. Is there a way to detect if it hits the child object. I suppouse I could unparent it and then tell it to follow the parent with code but this seems such a work around, not that I mind but i’d rather do it the clean way.

Have you tried adding a kinematic rigidbody to the child object? That usually works for things like that. Child objects of a rigidbody are treated as compound colliders. So the physics system more or less creates one collider out of all colliders in that rigidbody. However if you have a kinematic rigidbody as child, it’s colliders should belong to that child object.