Get the Joystick-Prefab in C# at runtime

I try to load the joystick(mobile)-prefab into the script at runtime,
The gameobject is found (I have putted it in the standard assets folder)

but it cannot be load with Get.Component, I get this error:

UnityEngine.GameObject.GetComponent()’ cannot be inferred from the usage. Try specifying the type arguments explicitly

Any help appreciate to solve this issue!!

public Joystick joyStickLeft = null;

void Start () {
		// this is to set the joysticks
		if(joyStickLeft ==null)
            GameObject objjoyStickLeft = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("LeftJoystick") as GameObject;
			joyStickLeft = objjoyStickLeft.GetComponent();    //its not working!!

The problem is that in the line
joyStickLeft = objjoyStickLeft.GetComponent() ,

you must provide the type of component you want to get . Set it to
joyStickLeft = objjoyStickLeft.GetComponent< Joystick>();
This will work !

Great,yes, its working,
Thanks a lot.
I must admit Im a real C# noob and now I understand the meaning of this error message much better.

you need to add the reference of the namespace for the Unitys “Standar Assets” library. like this;

using UnityStandardAssets.CrossPlatformInput;

this will only work if you imported the “CrossPlatformInput” package from the menu:
Assets/import package/CrossPlatformInput