Get the Legend of Zelda: Botw environment look

Hey i’m on my project creating a game that need to have botw style. I found some instruction to achieve this, but the instruction is for UE4 (here is the link: & (Tutorial) Simi CelShade PostProcess Material work with light color, point lights and skybox - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums).

So could anyone explain to me how to achieve it in unity ? What shader should i use and the render/light setting?

really appreciate your help.

Just to set your expectations, there is not a “setting” you can turn on to recreate hundreds of thousands of hours and millions of pounds’ worth of work from a skilled Nintendo art team. It is a combination of careful texturing, lighting placement, clever post-processing effects and strong artistic direction.

But, to point you in the right direction, you should start by studying/implementing the “Lit Toon” shader that comes with Unity’s standard assets.