Get TouchScreenKeyboard instance from when clicking InputField on Mobile

Ok so i’m trying to listen for Keyboard.done, so that the message the user typed will be sent immediately when the done button is pressed, bypassing the actual Submit Button. The thing is that i need an instance of TouchScreenKeyboard, which i have no clue how to get, because right now, the TouchScreenKeyboard is called by the InputField on user Tap/Click, and i simpli cannot figure out how to retrieve the TouchScreenKeyboard instance created by the InputField.

Does anybody have any tips regarding this issue?, i couldnt find anything online besides, listening on the Update hook for InputField.isFocused, and creating another, more controlled instance of TouchScreenKeyboard. The problem with this resolve is that it looks like something is glitching on the device, 2 keyboards showing up consecutively.

It looks like TouchScreenKeyboard.Open() returns the instance if it is already open.

    var keyboardInstance = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open(String.Empty);​