Get transforms of audiosoruce

Hi is their a way to get the transforms of an audio source so that if i walk behind my ai it will hear the audio and move towards the audios postion

An AudioSource is just a component so it has a transform reference to the Transform of the object it is attached to.

Make a class than keeps track of the active enemies on scene.

public class EnemyManager:MonoBehaviour{
    private List<Transform>list = new List<Transform>();
    public void AddEnemy(Enemy enemy){list.Add(enemy.transform);}
    public void RemoveEnemy(Enemy enemy){list.Remove(enemy.transform);}
    public Transform[] GetTransformEnemies{return list.ToArray();}

Every time you activate/create/Destroy an enemy, you also called the appropriate method.

Now when you play a sound:

private AudioSource audioSource = null;
private EnemyManager enemyManager = null;
private Transform player = null;
void Start(){
    // Get audio source, player transform and enemy manager
private void PlaySound(AudioClip clip, Action<Transform> action){
    // Play the sound
    Transform[] enemies = enemyManager.GetTransformEnemies();
    foreach(Transform enemy in enemies){
        float distance = Vector3.Distance(enemy.position,player.position );
        float range = audioSource.maxDistance 
        if(distance < range){
            // Enemy heard