Get world Co-ordinates from an image in a gameobject

I used Quad as a gameobject and displayed a image on it. I need to convert image co-ordinates(x,y) in the gameobject to the world co-ordinates(x,y,z). I tried TranformPoint() to determine the world co-ordinates, but it says “Floating point precision.Bring it to world co-ordinates in a smaller range”. How can do it?Kindly help me.

What I would do is get the UV coordinates, and then multiply. It is a little vague what you are trying to accomplish, but I’m going to assume this is a minimap of some sort, and you want to convert the point on your minimap to an area on the world map. You could do this:

worldX = u * maxWorldX
worldY = v * maxWorldY

UV coordinates are always in the 0 to 1 range, which means they also function as a percentage. If you need to use a pixel cordinate for some reason, you could get a percentage to use by:

percentageX = pixelX / maxImageX

Your question was a bit vague, so unsure if this helps.