GetActiveTcpConnections issue in Unity (behaving differently from C# application)

I have a TCP socket connected to another C# application (unrelated to Unity). For reliability sake, I decided to not use Socket’s connected property but fetch active Tcp Connections and check for mine. (Feel free to use the code, it’s the only reliable way I’ve found)

TcpConnectionInformation[] tcpConnections =
    .Where(x => x.LocalEndPoint.Equals(ClientSocket.LocalEndPoint)
                && x.RemoteEndPoint.Equals(ClientSocket.RemoteEndPoint))
return (tcpConnections != null && tcpConnections.Length > 0 && tcpConnections.First().State == TcpState.Established);

Simple and great, and it works great in another C# application, but not in Unity.
Further research have proven unsuccessful as it simply does not seem to give the same result at all. I get a very different number of Tcp connections (40 more connections in Unity on average), and none of them matching what I’m looking for.
Updating the scripting runtime did not change anything as I hoped it might have.
I’m willing to try whatever ideas, loophole or hacks you might have, as long as I have something instant and reliable.

Is this still a problem for you? I found this in the release notes for 2018.4.9 (and it’s supposedly fixed in current versions of 2019.2 as well):

Scripting: Fixed port numbers returned from GetActiveTcpConnections on Windows are not correct. (1165578, 1174668)