GetAxis in Editor Mode

I have written an excellent bar script that moves the ball around real well in game mode, using GetAxis. I would like to be able to use this same script in editor mode to move the camera around as I place objects in the scenes, but all I get back for values is 0 in editor mode. Is there a way to make GetAxis work in editor mode?

I could pull, but my issue with that is that I can combine keys (such as A and W) together to move NorthWest using GetAxis, but I cannot do the same thing with keycodes. Anyone have some ideas?

Hi. You can actually move in FPS style in the Editor. Hold down mouse right button, and use WASDQE. And maybe this will help too: Game Object > Move To View (Ctrl+Alt+F) This moves selected object to view.

It’s the simple things that escape us. I never considered using the editor keys. (palmslap)