GetAxis("Mouse X") - suddenly faster in build


I have a problem with Input.GetAxis(“Mouse X”)

It has normal and consistend speed in the editor.

In the build game everything runs faster of course but the GetAxis is frame-rate independent so the speed is fine at first.

But suddenly after I used my mouse several times to turn the character with the GetAxis it switches to higher speed. Little mouse movements are very rapid character turns from then on. It stickt so that. The Y-axis is then faster too. This “suddenly faster-problem” happens only in the built game.

How do I have to use Input.GetAxis correctly? Is anything loading in the background and when finished I get higher GetAxis values? Every other time-depending movements are correct.

I suspect you’re using Time.deltaTime with mouse movement, which is the opposite of what you actually want to do, since mouse movement is already framerate-independent to begin with. So using Time.deltaTime makes it vary depending on the framerate.