getButton always return true

When I call getButton with same button in input module in code. It’s always return true, even i didnt click that button and i already disable all interactable ui element.
If I change to different button that not same button in input module,it’s work fine.

so if i want to getButton the same button in input module. What should i do.

edit add some code

if(Input.GetButton("Ok") && !submitClicked){
	submitClicked = true;

	foreach(GameObject obj in target){
		obj.GetComponent<BaseCharacterObject>().Selected = false;

	action.Target = target.ToList();
	uiState = UIStateMachine.EndUIState;
	submitClicked = false;

Button “Ok” is the same as Submit button in Standalone Input module
When i run ,Input.GetButton(“Ok”) is always return true even i didnt press it

test your input :

if(Input.GetButton("Ok")) { print("OK"); }

so if it works good , submitClicked variable coused problem