Getcomponent fails when built from cloud build

Im alittle baffled right now. In my script im doing the follow:

        //get the VKShotFrame component
        VK_ShotFrame killFrame = child.GetComponent<VK_ShotFrame>();
        Debug.Log("KillFrame - " + killFrame);
        if (killFrame != null && !skippedFirstFrame)
            firstShotIndex = i;
            skippedFirstFrame = true;
            Debug.Log("Skipping " + + " due to first shot frame");
            continue;//Need to make sure we verify it actually is finding the frame
            Debug.Log( + " does not have a Shot Frame");

In my scene i have the object its looking for with the attached script. I verified in code that the object thats set to child in my example is correct and no duplicates. Im currently running on 5.6.0f3 of unity. Here is where the odd part comes in, In editor and if i build manually to iOS it builds correctly. But whenever it gets built through Unity Cloud build the killFrame variable in my example is null. At this point im not sure what the difference is. verified both xcodes were up to date. any insight is much appreciated.

i would say the online repo is not up to date.