GetComponent for all enemies

I have a newbie question. I'm using GetComponent (it's in the player's main script) to change the color of nearby enemies, and it only works on the most recently created enemy. Is there an easy way to have all enemies pick that up?

SendMessage acts the same way.

Edit: Here is the answer

Just in case anybody else comes looking this way, what I needed was an array and a for loop in the script that's wanting the information

var enemyArray = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemy");

    for (var plState in enemyArray) {
    plState.SendMessage ("PlayerState", 0);

or you could use a static variable for the script giving information

static var aState : int;

function Update () {
aState = 2;

and this in the script that wants the information

plState = PlayerLogic.aState;

Although I don't know why you would use an array, it seems to be inefficient compared to a static variable (although I'm sure there are cases when a static variable won't work).

Found the answer, pasted up above.