GetComponent from JS to c# returns null

I’m very new at this so try and forgive me.

I’m trying to get a variable from a javascript file over to a c# file. I try calling gameObject.GetComponent< javascriptfile >() from the c# file, but it always returns null. Since I’ve heard that c# compiles before js, I put the js file in Standard Assets. Is that why it’s returning null? Or is it because it’s a different script types?

GameLobby lobbyScript;
void Start () {
lobbyScript = gameObject.GetComponent< GameLobby>(); // returns null


Add the object with the lobbyscript to the StoryController in the inspector (Make sure the lobbyScript is public so that it displayes in the inspector).

Also see here for referencing correctly: javascript call a method from c sharp and vise versa - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions