GetComponent null reference C#

I have 2 scripts attached to a cube I’m trying to get variables from the other script,but it always comes up null. in the start function of the script , physics, I have

	void Start () {
		script = transform.parent.GetComponent<Movement>();

The MonoScript editor suggests Class Movement , but when I run it I get a null reference exception. Then I can not use any of Movement’s variables.

oops forgot to mention that this was in C#.

twisted’s suggestion let’s me access the variables in the editor, but when I actually run Unity it still throws an error.

Thanks thought I had use parent , when I didn’t.

This worked

	Movement script;
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		script = GetComponent<Movement>() as Movement;

void Start() {
script = GetComponent();

The Movement script is probably attached to the same GameObject as the Physics script, and not the parent GameObject (higher in the hierarchy).