GetComponent of type UnityScript from Boo Script

How can i make boo play nicely with my UnityScripts? Mainly, the use of AddComponent/GetComponent and transferring of values.


public var size:float;
//Lots of other code

//This is where i need to add/store my Drag script

//Here is where the error gets thrown
//since size is not a member of UnityEngine.Component

I know its a casting problem, but im not sure how to cast as type Drag or if thats even possible from Boo to UnityScript / UnityScript to Boo. Any help is appreciated, just started typing boo.

It’s the exact same problem with UnityScript and C#. If you want to access a class from another language, the class need to be compiled first. You have to place the UnityScript file in another compiling-group, for example: “Standard Assets”.

Each language is compiled seperated, but you can use things from other languages if they are already compiled when your script that is using those things is compiled.