GetComponent public float

Hi guys,
I’m having troubles with my scripts. I’m trying to get a Float Value from Script A to the Script B so that on the Script B I can save the Float Value.

public Text coinCounter;
public Text coinPerClick;
public float coins;

I want to get the Float coins to the second script but I can’t figure out how …

if your currenet script name is “Script1” and the Script that u want to get a variable from it name is “Script2” do it like this :

in the Script1 do this where ever u want to get a variable from script2 ;

float t = GameObject.FindObjectOfType().coins;

this is an easy way but not optimized;

the optimize way is u first define a variable by the script u want to get value from like this :

public Script2 myScript;

then in the start method u get that script;

void Start()
myScript = GameObject.FindObjectOfType();

then any time and any where in your script u can easyli access that like this :

float t = myScript.coins;

u can call funcitons too :