GetComponent with Standard Assets? C#

Hello everyone. I’m creating a game where I want a motion blur effect to appear while the player is in a slow-motion state. I have everything set up and ready to go, and I’m using the Blur script from the Standard Assets package for Unity 5. I want to make it so when a bool is true in a different script, the blur script component is enabled, but I can’t seem to reference the script component via GetComponent.

Example, I’ll try to do:

this.gameObject.GetComponent<MotionBlur>().enabled = true;

However, “MotionBlur” does not exist in context. Anyone know how to reference these Standard Asset scripts? They’re put together very strangely.


Figured it out. Code should be like this:

GetComponent<UnityStandardAssets.ImageEffects.MotionBlur>().enabled = true;

Not too tricky after all!