GetComponentsInChildren always the same order

Is the array returned from Unity - Scripting API: Component.GetComponentsInChildren always in the same order?

For anybody landing here, it does:

And if it does not, I’m about to get into trouble …

The order is undefined.

this is a long but reliable way as the default order is undefined.
hope it helps

public SomeComponent[]  Components;
private Transform _myTransform;

void GetChildrenByOrder()
		SomeComponent[] temp = GetComponentsInChildren<SomeComponent> () as SomeComponent[];
		Components = new SomeComponent[temp.Length];
		int index = 0;
		int noOfChildren = _myTransform.childCount;
		for (int i=0; i<noOfChildren;i++)
			SomeComponent childComponent = _myTransform.GetChild(i).GetComponent<SomeComponent>();
				Components[index] = childComponent;