GetKeyDown, KeyCode and symbols

I am creating an input mechanism which uses Input.GetKeyDown to detect keys pressed by the user and write them on some specific TextMesh. It works nicely, except with symbols.

That is to say, i.e. I have a spanish keyboard. So if I press the “+” key in my keyboard it detects it as a “=” (first I thought this was because my keyboard is spanish, but “+” is in the same place also in US keyboards). If I press “!” (shift+1), it doesn’t detect it no matter if I use InputGetKeyDown(KeyCode.Exclaim) or Input.GetKeyDown(“!”)

Is there any specific keyboard config or anything to be done beforehand?

You might want to use InputString instead of GetKey. It should get the correct letter/symbol when using shift or alt. Not sure if it will be correct depending on keyboard language but i think it will.