GetPixels errors with PVRTC compression enabled


When I try to get pixel data from spritesheet with PVRTC compression on IOS by GetPixels I see the following errors:
Invalid texture format: 33
Image invalid format!
Unsupported texture format - needs to be ARGB32, RGBA32, BGRA32, RGB24, Alpha8, RGBAFloat, RGBAHalf or one of supported compressed formats.
UnityEngine.Texture2D:GetPixels(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)

Although it works with RGBA Compressed ETC2.
Texture is 2048x2048, read/write is enabled.
There`s nothing about it in documentation. How can I deal with it?


Also found in issue tracker:

This is still happening in Unity 5.5.1.f3. When is this going to be fixed? Any word from the team?

Reading pixels from compressed texture formats is not supported.