GetSpectrumData over entire file

I’m trying to analyse a music file using GetSpectrumData and GetOutputData, but I don’t want to do it for the currently playing segment, I want to do it across the whole file.

Is there a way to do this? All the stuff I’ve seen in AudioSource refers to just the currently playing frame.

Yes it’s possible. you can do it to any degree of complexity, like take 6400 arrays of 64 samples from a 6400 sample long audio file, each one has 1 sample later…

Then you would be writing a waterfall display, i.e. a line of fft values at the top drawing a large 3d array. easily stored in image files.

for a reasonable start, take a 2 second audio file, analyse 1000 segments from it of 256 frequencies, and write the results to a 3d array. then go with further detail if you want. please post the time it takes to analyse it, am curious.