GetString() returning null all of a sudden

Is there some sort of server maintenance going on for remote config? if so is there a way to track that? Because at the moment GetString is returning null and we are getting alot of reports from our players.

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Yeah. All my apps are crashed now because it doesn't return correct values. Please fix it quickly.

It is also quite outrageous that there is no support available for such a urgent matter.

Yep, I’m deploying patches right now to fix my issue.

We are looking into this, sorry for the delay.

Any ETA possible?

For affected users, can you DM your Unity ProjectID? Are you able to push/pull values from the Editor? So far we have not been able to reproduce

No problem to push/pull with the editor
Unity projectid sent in DM

Thanks, we are checking.

Yes I am able to push/pull values from the editor. Also It seems that the game gets to connect with Remote Config. The only issue is it can not receive the data (strings/floats/ints)

It still gets the configured empty string now

We are still investigating.

This has been resolved, apologies for the inconvenience. This was caused by changes we recently made to improve performance. We are adding additional testing and monitoring to prevent similar issues in the future.

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hi @JeffDUnity3D , i still got empty now :(

Is this still occurring? If so, please show your RC code

it started happening today again

Suddenly, RuntimeConfig.GetString() stopped returning the key required. 15 + of our games are affected by this. Is this a known issue? Could you please fix it?


Try to put a backup protocol system in place just so that this type of situation does not hurt your product. Still waiting on Jeff to look into this. While i am still on the clear for now as i made sure if i receive string null i start using saved string, I am wishing in the process of fixing this they dont hinder the response success itself.

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Hello I get an issue also for int/bool values.

It used to work but nothing is received.

In the Editor when I pull all the values are here but nothing is changed from the remote.

Does it work for you now?

because of a bool not updated, all my users can’t launch the app now. This becomes urgent!

Hi, today our apps stop to receive value string from Remote Config. Request return a ConfigOrigin.Remote but the value is still empty.

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