Getting 50 fps on my laptop with simple scene. Is there a good explanation?

I’m working on an app that I intend to release on IOS / Android. For now, I am developing on my laptop, which is a few years old (Sony Vaio Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10 GHz, 4.0 GB Ram, 64bit Win Vista).

I have a pretty basic scene going, a single physically simulated ball rolling on a plane. There is a complex UI system in the scene as well, but that is currently inactive.

Anyway, I’m seeing frame rates of 50 or so on average (sometimes as low as 30), and frequent stuttering of gameplay. It makes me wonder if Unity is performant enough on IOS / Android if even this simple scene runs as slowly as it does on a PC (I would expect it could run at 100s of frame per second). I realize this could be due to my laptop (and there is no GPU in it), but I understand that iPad for instance runs a single core at 1 Ghz with only a modestly powerful GPU present by comparison.

There are plenty of Unity iOS games which perform well (30-60fps), even on old devices like my 2nd generation iPod touch, so yes Unity is plenty fast. The iPad actually has 2 cores, not that it really makes much difference in this case. It could be you did something wrong in your scene…I know you said it’s simple, but maybe you accidentally did something that’s causing performance issues. If not that, then I’d guess there’s something wrong with your computer or maybe the drivers. On my Mac, simple scenes get literally thousands of fps.

I’d blame your lack of a graphics card. GPUs, even “modest” ones, are very fast at the few things they specialize in – that’s why no one makes a chip that can be a CPU or GPU. Having your regular processor cover for the graphics card is a lot of extra work for it.

I had an old, odd machine running Linux. Got terrible frame rates on games and constantly overheated. I finally realized that my graphics card driver was bad and I wasn’t even using the so-so GPU. One driver install later, things were running too fast, and cool.

You might be in a unity iphone emulation mode where it tries to emulate performance on target platform. Under edit–>graphics emulation make sure it is checked correctly.