Getting a photon networking RPC to find the function..,How do get photonRPC Detected

Hey guys, im using Photon Networking Services, and im trying to get a simple RPC to work. Its worked before, but im having some troubles…my code wont detect the function that i have labelled as an RPC. Do yous know anything that might help?? Thankyou. (Screenshot provided)!


if you haven’t done this already, you can try to refresh the RPC list. You can do this by navigating to the PhotonServerSettings file and click on the Refresh RPCs button on the Inspector.

If it still isn’t working afterwards, you can try to add the following code snippet to an object of your choice in the scene:

private void Awake()

    foreach (string function in PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.RpcList)

This one writes each known function marked with the [PunRPC] attribute to the console. There you can check, if your function is listed. If it is missing, try to reimport the affected script and check again.