Getting a weird line over my sprite character in my 2D game, no idea where it is coming from

Hey all. I’ve tried a million things to fix this and it seems to persist. (Sorry for the blurriness, this forum seems to blurry up my images.) I posted my sprite settings as well.

![alt text][1]

Attaching a sample of my spritesheet too, I was told having some padding in there might help, but it didn’t fix it.

![alt text][2]

Here is what I know (or think I know):

  1. This doesn’t seem to happen with any other character in my game despite using the same settings on the spritesheets. I could be wrong on this though, it’s a runner, so you only see the other characters for a few seconds whereas you’re staring at this one the whole time, so maybe I just never notice it on other ones.

  2. It only seems to happen on certain machines / resolutions. It never happens on my dev laptop, for instance, while it regularly happens on my work laptop, which is older and a lower max resolution.

  3. This happens inconsistently. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not sure what triggers it exactly, changing an animation APPEARS to trigger it sometimes, other times it just happens out of nowhere, and it happens for EVERY animation the character has, as far as I can tell.

  4. I can’t recall if it ever happened in editor, but it definitely happens in the final builds.

I don’t remember everything that I have tried, but here are some things I have tried at different times:
-Changed mesh type to “full rect”
-Changed “extrude edges” to 0
-turned on pixel snap for “my_sprite” shader
-tried no padding, tried lots of padding
-got rid of all transparency in image

I’m really just not sure where to go from here, and it is super annoying. Almost at the point where I’m thinking of just creating a brand new main character and brand new animations and everything from scratch just to see what that will do, but I imagine I will still run into the same issues anyway.

Anyone have any ideas? Or at least able to point me in the right direction?

I am getting the same issue with my game build. I have a great laptop with an FHD display. It is pretty annoying. I will work on some debugging to test why this is happening. It seems to only happen on one animation for me.