Getting all sprites to render inside of the Perspective camera

I already have a temporary resolution to my issue, but i am looking for a more permanent solution.

The issue is where i have a ton of gameObject on the Canvas with sprites. The Canvas is 1500*1500, and as i move away from the edge towards the center the gameObjects with sprites disappear till there are nearly non left.

My current resolution is to put my camera into orthographic but this knocks out the 3D elements to the game. I am wondering if anyone may have a resolution, or know of one to this issue.

I have a video with the bug i am experiencing using the Scene view as an example of the issue effecting the game.
[link text][1]
[1]: TRDSTF Bug issue help request - Camera Canvas - YouTube

The answer to this issue is Layers. The gameObjects new Sprite renders have a sorting layer option which allows you to +1 -1 the gameObjects.

At the current point in time i was unaware of this as i was priory using Images.
Setting the background to -1 solved this issue. and i was able to see all gameObjects that were in front of -1.