Getting an array of verts and triangles from a Native plugin

I'm currently writing a wrapper/plugin for a small library that was written in C++. In one of the libraries functions, it passes back a structure, that looks something like this -

struct ConvexHullResult
    unsigned int    mVcount;    // number of vertices.
    float           *mVertices; // vertex positions.
    unsigned int    mTcount;    // number of triangles.
    unsigned int    *mIndices;  // indexed triangle list.

The issue I'm having, is that I don't know how to read the vertex, and triangle list arrays back into Unity, without using the unsafe keyword, which can't be used in Unity.

Does anyone know the correct way to do this?

I'd like to avoid messing with the code for the actual library, since I want to keep the scope of the native plugin to being a wrapper only.

maybe monodevelop has unsafe code not compltibility


unity asset store

search c++ image lib