Getting an error while script reference says it's ok

Look, I got the following error.
My script:

		if(gameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("selected") != null) {
			gameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("selected").tag = "component";

The error:

BCE0019: ‘tag’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.GameObject’.

The script reference says:

var tag : string

The tag of this game object.

A tag can be used to identify a game object. Tags must be declared in the tag manager before using them.

gameObject.tag = "Player";

So, what’s wrong with the code above? :slight_smile:

Hint 1: FindGameObjectsWithTag ← Notice the S in OBJECTS

Hint 2: UnityEngine.GameObject ← those Brackets mean ARRAY. ARRAYs don’t have tags.