Getting android key hash for facebook

Having trouble finding the key hash for my unity android app. Does anyone know where I can find it?


Find it from my blog How to get Key Hashes for android-facebook app

Actually, the follwing solution is too much easier than all the other ones:

Just download OpenSSL, extract its content to (e.g. C:\OpenSSL)
(for 64 bit machine, ownload openssl-0.9.8e X64)

Add both the bin directories of OpenSSL and Java JDK to the system variables and Unity/FacebookSDK will do all the work for you and you will get the Android key Hash!!

Simple, no? :slight_smile:

I did it, but it does not function for me. Is there another solution?

its so easy write your hash key like this in facebook site with capital and small letters and will work

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