Getting Best Performance for Mobile Game

Hi everyone
I have a question and I’m sorry I know this question might be already answered but I realy need to know your opinion on my own work .
And if I’m not so good at English I’m sorry.

I’m a 3D modeler working with Blender and I know how to Import models, make materials and make a scene in unity but I don’t know anything about Coding.
I am making modular parts of bulding in blender and I want to import them in unity and make a 400 kilometers city out of them and none of the buildings are ging to have interior. It’s gonna be a car racing game for mobile, my moduls are from 2 to 300 tris and I’m going to use 10 texture for whole city with color, normal,ao,metalic and just two of them also have roughness, they are all 2k and I’m gonna have between 50 to 100 of materials out of them with standard shader for most, afew gonna be autodesk material cause i realy don’t know anyother way to use roughness map and afew nature material for foliages. And I also want’s to make LODs for my mudals.
Now this is my question is it good way for doing what I’m doing? My client cares about system performance more than anything else, all I know is that I need to make drawcalls and setpass a low as posible.
Sorry if I wrote to much and I realy appreciate any help you can give me.

no need to be sorry. performance is vary important for mobile games, if you make the city in unity with blender models you can use unity fbx exporter to make the city one big model and have different materials on it. you can use mipmaps and texture atlas. can you tell me all the things you are doing to have good performance.