Getting blendshapes to work from source animation with multiple skinned meshes

I have a character that uses corrective blendshapes in its animations. In order to keep things organized and to avoid having a massive FBX file that contains tons of animations and skinned meshes I want to split the animations to a separate FBX file and the meshes to another one.

In the animation FBX file I have the rig, the animations and a proxy object that stores the blendshape animations.

In the mesh FBX I have the rig and multiple separate skinned meshes that make the character, including customization options for different types of clothing.

The bone animations work correctly when using the same avatar. But the corrective blendshapes won't because the blendshapes have a specific path that point to the proxy object in the animation FBX file.
I get a warning for all the blendshapes in the Animation window when trying to use the animations with the character. For example:
"proxy : Skinned Mesh Renderer.Blend Shape.cor_elbow_1.l (Missing!)".

The blendshapes between all meshes are named identically. For example "cor_elbow_1.l" for the left elbow corrective deformations.

How would I be able to read the blendshape values from the source animation based on the name of the blendshape and not the entire path? Or is there a better way of keeping animations separate from the meshes and having the corrective blendshapes work?

What did as a workaround was in Windows Explorer copy and rename the animation file, then open the new file in notepad++ and search and replace the old mesh name with the new one and it worked perfectly fine. I did the same for 7 different characters and build with no error. In Unity when you select the animation you get a warning for "wrong name" in the inspector but just click "fix" is easier than going back to notepad++ to search there.

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