Getting "can't open file error" when downloading local files from "My Documents", "Local" or "Roaming" folders

Hi everyone, I implemented caching features for a MMO game. We are in a standalone build so we can access to the hard drive.

I want to write downloaded files in the user folders, either in "My Documents", "Local" or "Roaming" folders, since players will have write permissions on these folders.

Sadly when I use the "file://" protocol to download my assets locally, I get a "could not open file" error from my WWW object.

When I open them via C# methods, namely the File.Open method, there is no problem.

Is there something special to do to get this work ?


I had the exact same problem - solved it by prepending "file:///" instead of "file://"

You do not specify what you are trying to save, but could it be stored in PlayerPrefs perhaps?