Getting decimal places for Input.mousePosition

Hello, Dear Community members,

First, apologize that my English isn’t perfect, but I’m native German speaker. I have a really big problem and I can’t find anything on the forums that is related to my problem. For some reason, I get values with decimal places when I let the software log Input.mousePosition. Here is an example: 169970-forumfrage.png

When I mentioned this in another threat on the German Unity community, several users said that they had never heard of it, and that it can’t be. What annoys me to, is that it using commas, suddenly, althought it used points until yesterday.
Maybe it isn’t a Unity problem but a native Windows problem. But even if it is a Windows problem, I don’t have any idea what to do about it.

Further information:

Unity version: 2019.2.0f1

Windows: Windows 10 Pro

It would please me if you could give me any help.

yours RL

Hello, RL. I found this, you should take a look at this thread. Not sure if it will fix the decimals though… If it doesn’t, I might need to take a look at your code, if you don’t mind posting it here.