Getting dynamic batching to work with 2D sprites?

Hello, i have been creating a 2D “tower defense” game for Android and i’ve added a turret that shoots a shell that blows up and creates 4 smaller shells. However, these small shells each create 1 draw call and i end up with about 400+ drawcalls when the player has a bunch of these turrets (and my game normally has around 70), even tho they have the same sprite, material and size and aren’t affected by any kind of light (since my game doesn’t use any kind of lighting).

I’ve been looking everywhere to find an answer but haven’t found much on dynamic batching with 2D Sprites. Can anyone tell my why aren’t my sprites batching even though they are identical to each other? and can also anyone tell me how does dynamic batching even work on Unity 2D?

Also, as another small question, i have a game that normally has about 40 - 70 draw calls for Android too, but it seems to be lagging a lot and the profiler says most of it is caused by the GUI.Repaint, however even when reducing the GUI it still lags. Anyone have an idea what other things could cause the lag?

Thanks for any help, in advance :slight_smile:

A few rules to Dynamic Batching I’ve learned:

  1. Must be enabled in Player Settings
  2. 2D Sprites must have the same Packing Tag name
  3. 2D Sprites must use the same compression format in the Import Settings

I just ran across this issue in my 2D Game, I had 15 game sprites, these consisted of a sky background and dirt sprites. My top dirt sprites where actually the grass layer, which contained a small corner of alpha, thus giving it a different compression format (RGBA instead of RGB), which was creating the additional draw calls. Once I changed my compression format on the grass sprites to match all the other sprites, “poof” like magic, I reduced my draw calls!

Hope this helps out!