Getting GUI Text Above other GUI

I have a gui menu I created through code, and a in-game GUI Text game object. I want the game Object to appear above the GUI menu I created.

I have tried using two cameras with one at a lower depth but it isn’t working. Any ideas how this can be achieved?

Here is the code for my Menu:

function OnGUI() {;
	Screen.lockCursor = false;
	var winPromptW:int = Screen.width/1.2;
	var winPromptH:int = Screen.height/2;

	var halfScreenW:float = Screen.width/2;
	var halfScreenH:float = Screen.height/2;

	var halfPromptW:int = winPromptW/2;
	var halfPromptH:int = winPromptH/2;

	if (gameOver == true){
		GUI.BeginGroup(Rect(halfScreenW-halfPromptW, halfScreenH-halfPromptH*1.5, winPromptW, winPromptH));
			GUI.Box (Rect (0,0,winPromptW,winPromptH),"");
			var buttonW:int = Screen.width/6;
			var buttonH:int = buttonW;

Nothing can be made to be on top of OnGUI code. You can’t mix GUIText objects with OnGUI (unless you don’t care that OnGUI is always on top, of course).

Stuff in OnGUI will be rendered several times after the scene had been rendered, so, you may want to make that GUI Text into a GUI.Label or something.