Getting hit with two bullets cause the game to crash [Solved]

Solution: I screwed up and at one point I was using random to generate a number from 1 to 3 and if it couldn’t preform action 1 it would add 1 to the random number to do action 2 and so on. However, it appeared as if I was always hitting all of one action so to mix it up a little I made it go from 1 to 99 but I still had it only add 1. which means if it rolled a 1 and it could not preform action 1 it would keep adding one until it got to 34. Same for action 2 to 3 and 3 back to 1. Note: if it can’t preform any of the action the formula would completely ignore this step all together.

In sort, I have a player that is hit with two bullets at the same moment and at that moment my game completely crashes or only registers one of the two bullets and ignores the other one.
NOTE: when it only collides with one bullet everything works fine with no issues.

I am using OnTriggerEnter to preform the various actions that will happen when the player is hit by a bullet. I know this is a monster wall of script but I think I presented the main problem but here it is if it helps.

Sorry everyone it turns out it was just an error in code and I literally got bad luck because of the random function and I must have always rolled a good number when testing the single hit.