Getting in a car

Yes i am going to learn more about unity before i try this but i want to take notes on this so when im ready i can do it. So how would i get the main character to be able to get into a car? I figured i could use raycast to see if a car is close enough then press a key and play an animation with the main character getting in the car. But i dont know how to write a script like that. Can someone help me?

Nobody is going to write your scripts for you. You’ll need to find a script that does something similar then modify it for your needs.

If you are having problems with that, then you can ask a specific question with the part of the script you are having.

You actually should start learning the basics and the more you discover about unity and programming the more concepts you will discover. Write some basic scripts and start making a few small fun games to play around in and you will hopefully find a great idea on how to write a script like that and you could probably do it with a little help or maybe completely by yourself!
Good Luck On Your Ventures!