Getting instance of parent fail

I’m new to this unity thing, but I’ve been programming games a while.
Making a simple platformer where the player has a child object with a box collider at the “feet” of the player.
I have this script for the feet object so I can access the players public variables.

Player player = gameObject.GetComponentInParent<Player> ();

Keeps telling me “The type or namespace name `Player’ could not be found.” What’s up? Thanks for your help in advance.

I did the same exact thing once, instead I just said Player player = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(“Player”).GetComponent();

see if that works.

@devAHkiin pointed it out to me.
I was using the name of the object in the assembly as apposed to the name of the class in the script.
Correct Code:

PlayerController player = gameObject.GetComponentInParent<PlayerController>();