getting object from other scene

how can i get the object from scence 1 to scence 2?

its like i will choose a car in scence 1 and i will use it in scence 2?

how can i do this?

You'll usually use prefabs for that purpose. So create a prefab from your car in scene 1 and then simply put it into scene 2.

See also Prefabs Documentation

prefabs are configured gameobjects, if you put the same prefab in 2 scenes, start in scene1, move around and go to scene 2, all the properties of the instantiated prefab will be resetted to the starting properties. You can just put your prefabs directly in the scene or instantiate em on runtime using

var myPrefab: Transform;

Instantiate(myPrefab, transform.position, transform.rotation);

if you want some data to be kept when you load other scenes, you have to save them somewhere first or use DontDestroyOnLoad