Getting object to show up only in MiniMap

Hey There,

Like the title says,
i’m trying to get an object to show up on my minimap and not on my main camera.
I have a player which is navigating through a maze towards an objective and i want my minimap to show the objective and the player light-up and standing out from the rest of the map so the object is clear to the player.
I’ve got my minimap working at a depth of 2, i thought there was a way for setting objects to depths too, so only my minimap could see some objects but maybe i dreamed that.

any ideas on how i can do this?
i’m spent, so im going to put it aside for the moment.
but if anyone else came across this i’d appreciate it.


I haven’t actually done anything like this before, but the first thing that pops in my mind is using layers and culling mask. Set the object to a specific layer (next to where you give it tags; at the top of the inspector). And then on your camera’s check the layers you want to display

Hope this will work!