Getting PHP Form data INTO Unity

I used Tempest's PHP Handler 2

Thanks for this Tempest ! :)

I have a question since I'm fairly new to this and C#.

I was able to modify one of the functions in PHP Handler 2 to store a Table Entry that had Character Information fields.

Name, Password, Strength, Intelligence, HitPoints, Etc..

And it seems to work Perfectly. But I cant figure out how to

write a function that loads the character at game start.

How do I load the Table Fields into a web Form and send it back to Unity?

The best way would be to get PHP to echo the results of the form, and then parse them with a standard www call.

I use this one to get tallied joke ratings from a server which basically just echoes the scores in a sequential string ("0.45 4.35 4.23 .... etc")

function getScores() {
    print ("Loading Joke Scores...");
    hs_get = WWW(highscoreUrl);
    yield hs_get;

    if(hs_get.error) {
        webEnabled = false;
        //PlayerPrefs.SetInt("webEnabled",0); // Force them off for the remainder of the visit
        print("There was an error getting the ratings: " + hs_get.error);
    } else {
        //print ("Server side data = ";
        print ("Data successfully collected");
        webdata =;

    if (webEnabled) parseData(); // Deal with the data ONLY if there was a web connection, or you'll throw exceptions


function parseData()
    words = webdata.Split(" "[0]);
    //print ("Words array length = "+words.length);

    for (var i=0; i<(words.length-1); i++)
        //print ("Word array #"+i+" has a score of "+words*);*
 *// Convert the string to float*
 _number = parseFloat(words*);*_