Getting public variable from another component

In my game I have a line of code that is getting my PlayerController script, and setting it to a private variable, playerhealth. Next it should set it to a text element, but it doesn’t. This is the error I get:

This is the code on the line it says:
playerHealth = gameObject.GetComponent().PlayerHealth;

I also get another error saying that it cannot convert float to string (to set the text), I also do not know how to resolve this.

I have no idea on what this means and i have no idea what to do. I have tried to research this but got nothing. Here is a link to my whole code:

Here is a image that may help:


this may help:
//on your player game object a script called PlayerController with:
var health : float;

//on your other text element
var player : GameObject; //assign this in the inspector

function Update()
GetComponent(UI.Text).text = player.GetComponent(PlayerController).helath.ToString();

The ToString() should solve your convert float to string…
I would recommend you looked at some tutorial out there - if you are planning to use JavaScript - I would strongly recommend the Walker Boys one.

many many videos but very well done and you will learn a lot
good luck,

I may have misunderstood your question, but this should work:

PlayerController controller = gameObject.GetComponent<PlayerController>();
    playerHealth = controller.PlayerHealth;
    HealthText.text = playerHealth.ToString();
     Debug.Error("No PlayerController component found on gameObject");