Getting Rect Transform Height Delayed on Game Object with Content Size Fitter Component

Is there a way to get a rect transforms height that has the content size fitter component on it immediately after it has been instantiated? Right now it seems you have to wait 1 frame before being able to get the height.

Here is a somewhat ugly work-around:

StartCoroutine( delayReposition( t ) );
private IEnumerator delayReposition( Transform t )
	yield return null;
	Vector3 defaultPosition = new Vector3( );
	defaultPosition.x = Screen.width / 2f - t.GetComponent<RectTransform>( ).rect.width / 2f;
	defaultPosition.y = Screen.height / 2f + t.GetComponent<RectTransform>( ).rect.height / 2f;
	t.position = defaultPosition;