Getting started with Unity Walkthroughs

I have a 3D simulation app (which uses OpenGL & C++) and I want to see if I can use Unity as the 3D engine, rather than using the other application. I think it would be good for walk-throughs and as a web viewer

I have access to the C++-type tree so can get to xyz co-ords, time stack, .wrl & .3DS files for background and objects, etc...

An example of what i hope to achieve would be a warehouse, where boxes are generated and enter via a conveyor, are picked up and stored on a shelve, and then removed by a forklift (boxed destroyed). I can load up the space with the VRML objects (conveyor, shelf, etc.) but I'm at a loss as to how to send boxes into the environment and have them running along a conveyor.

Any thoughts on where I might start?

Thanks, KennyMac

About creating boxes in the enviroment, just create a prefab of the box, and use Instantiate method everytime you want to create a new box from your prefab.

Running along a conveyor can be sorted out with the physics engine (using an animated mesh collider) or just a simple movement with Lerp.

Moreso, there is an example for iPhone with boxes and conveyor belts here Oclussion Culling example(if you don't have Unity iPhone you can still convert it to a normal unity proyect)